About Us

We are two first-generation farmers, loving farm living in the wet rainy weather of beautiful southern British Columbia, Canada!  We were lucky to find our 5 acre parcel when we did, and are also renovating the buildings on-site… one leaky facet at a time…

We raise heritage animals and have a vegetable garden full of heirloom veggies, with an orchard on the way, and can honestly say now that raising our own food, certainly surpasses the taste of grocery store-bought in both freshness and quality.  Something that the Chef and Shepherd have now been enjoying a little more, since the kitchen renovation is almost complete!  Thank goodness for BBQs!

Have a question?  Don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail, especially all the new farmers and want-to-be farmers – about anything here.  We’ve learned A LOT in the last little while, and continue to do so!


The Shepherd