Rosé and Fixing Toilets: Pairing Wines to your Farm Chores


All I know is the Shepherd will shovel a lot of chicken &^*@ if she knows that there is a cold glass of this at the end of the day  – Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

As we are in the middle of a house renovation, of a house that desperately needed love, we are sometimes fixing things temporarily before they can be replaced fully.  Our en suite bathroom being one of them – the toilet had been continually running, and although it is scheduled for replacement, there was no sense in doing it quite yet… since everything in the bathroom has to get replaced and we weren’t quite ready for that.  So we figured out the small part that needed to be picked up and installed, and while mid install – which involved my hand deep down and up to my elbow in the back of a 30-year-old toilet, cursing with the fiddly bits of plastic, the Chef shouted up to me “Care for a glass of wine?”.


Now on the days I use power tools, I do refrain from my 3 pm glass, but on days that I’m shovelling out chicken coops or apparently fixing toilets, it’s wine full steam ahead.  Because nothing is more perfect then working hard all day, and taking a well deserved break at 3 pm – and sitting back and reflecting on what’s been accomplished while enjoying the nose of a lovely Sauvignon Blanc.

But with my hand in the toilet, I suddenly was wondering, what wine pairs with toilet repair?

Food pairings are one thing, but pairing food to tasks is always fun game to play at our farm – not that we always have what would ideally be paired with the task, but it’s fun anyway.  If the heritage chickens you are cleaning up after, are bred out of England (Light Sussex), New Hampshire (New Hampshires), New Jersey (Jersey Giants), and some chickens have some Chilean roots (Ameraucanas), what wine should you shoot for?  A white with high acidity to cut through the poop, with a great floral nose to cover the smell?  But from where?


I don’t care what you say… if my hand is going in the back of a 30-year-old toilet, I may be rewarding myself with wine a little earlier then 3 pm.

So with one hand in the toilet, I yelled to the Chef “Text Benta what wine pairs with toilet repair?”, as our friend Benta once owned a vineyard, so as far as I’m concerned, anyone whose owned a vineyard is qualified to give wine advice.


Waiting to try the Emandare Sauvignon Blanc – a Canadian wine made from grapes from our friend’s old vineyard…being saved for a special occasion… like when the bathroom is finally completely gutted!

“Rosé.” was the one word text the Chef received.  No explanation.  But with the shortness of the response, and the speed in which it came – it’s clearly gospel.  Sadly we were short on Rosé, but it was added to the list should the toilet fix require yet another part from the hardware store.

So, in case you’re wondering, I had to settle for a Pino Grigio, that happened to be cold and in our fridge.  And even better, I managed to fix the toilet.  And nothing pairs better with victory, then a cold glass of a great white wine!

So the next time your dealing with something smelly on your farm – or just a right pain, play the wine-pairing game.  You get points for creativity and justification. Just make sure you have something in the fridge to look forward to!

Cheers and Happy Farming!


The Shepherd




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