When the Feed is Always Greener

It seems that animals, or at least one ones on our farm, like to change up their food whenever the opportunity is presented.  For some reason, whatever feed the “other” animals are getting – pellet, kibble or crumbles – always looks more appetizing.


“Whaaat? Me in the dog food?  Nooooo”.  Busted.

Food in our house, is a big deal.  The Chef is focused not only on the food he cooks, but the presentation as well.  He says that food presentation is important – fresh pasta noodles are gently twisted into the dish in our house, before the bolognese sauce is added.  The duck breasts with a port-wine reduction are always cut “just so”, and plated with care.    So maybe that’s why the cat wants to eat out of the fancy silver puppy dishes, although the kibble, I can assure you is most often unceremoniously dumped in.  Of course, our older dog also helps herself to the higher calorie puppy food too…

The puppies, not to be  outdone, enjoy the cat food too.  Even though we have it placed high up on the bathroom counter in an attempt to keep the dogs out of it.  Difficult now that the puppies are 90 pounds – and a smart 90 pounds.  Every so often, a puppy escapes our watchful eye and helps themselves… although they haven’t managed to be so quiet about the process so we often catch them quickly in the act.  But the cat food isn’t their only weakness – we’ve also discovered they have a panache for chicken and turkey feed.  We had to change the way we fed the chickens on the farm and store the bags of feed, or the puppies just helped themselves – much to the displeasure of the chickens!


Only the best tasting water comes from the toilet.  The cat is upping her game.  Ugh.

So with the puppies eating the cat food, the older dog and cats eating the puppy food, the puppies trying to eat the chicken and turkey feed if they get the chance…  the cats decided to up their game.  We had a visiting dog teach them, that the best tasting water comes from the toilet, and so our delicate cat decided she would like to partake.

Of course, I did mention that our puppies are bright, and once they saw that the cat was onto something… they wanted in.  So now they drink from this fine porcelain container as well.  Which would be fine, if they managed to keep some water in the bowl as opposed to all over the bathroom floor… right before guests are arriving… sigh…

You will be happy to know that neither the Chef or I have succumbed to delights of toilet water drinking, nor have we sampled any kibble so far.  The Chef however has been sneaking various treats to the dogs, as one has now developed her cheese palate to recognize that cheese slices – specifically bought for her to sneak medication in – is not a cheese worth eating and will spit them out.   She much prefers the smoked Gouda.  Thank goodness the other dog isn’t so fussy.. or maybe the cats will eat them if presented “just so” in a silver dish!

Here’s to the joys of animals!  Happy Farming!


The Shepherd


3 thoughts on “When the Feed is Always Greener

  1. billyandfranklin says:

    Gosh animals are funny!! I have a bucket of fermenting chicken food that lives by the back door, that is the cats first choice of beverage. That or straight from the tap, these are his 2 preferred methods of hydration. I think he feels a water bowl is beneath him. So entertaining (gross, but entertaining!)

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