Fitbits and Farmers: Who Needs to Work Out?

Several months ago, the Chef was saying how darn tired he was, and was this farming, renovations, or old age that was creeping forth?  And I, the Shepherd, agreed.  I know that starting up a hobby farm in your 40’s is a crazy idea, but maybe, it was just.. you know…us?


Yippee!  Green!

So with that in mind, we decided to get Fitbits.  Yes, Fitbits.  Those handy little wrist watch things that not only tell time, but also count your steps, calories, and can track your heart rate.    Somewhere in the move two years ago, and the renovations, we had both lost our watches, so we figured why not?

For those of you without a Fitbit, I’ll give you the basics.  The general footsteps goal is 10,000 steps a day, with 250 steps an hour during established active hours.  The watch will even tell you to get moving to reach your goal if you’ve been stagnant for too long.  If you succeed, you get a lovely shade of lime green and the watch seems pleased that you reached this goal.


“Wow, that’s a lot of green!”  Damn right!

Well, our exhaustion was explained within a week of getting the Fitbits.  The Chef took the dogs for a walk around the lake the first Saturday morning of Fitbit ownership (which is a common weekend activity), and then did farm chores.  By noon, he was at 10,000 steps.  The joke became quickly, not if we reached the 10,000 steps goal, but when in the day it happened?  Noon?  By 3pm?  And on one incredibly busy day, the Chef did 24,000 steps.  And that’s just steps.  Never mind cleaning out the barn, carrying bags of feed or renovation supplies.  Half the time here, it seems like we’re at the top for a ladder for some reason.  I have found I can get my heart rate up enough to be considered a “workout” by the Fitbit, just by shovelling out the chicken coop. Who needs the gym?

So I don’t feel so bad anymore, somehow having this little watch validating my exhaustion.  Which I know is silly.  But it’s an added perk of farm living… constant exercise whether you like it or not!  So if the hobby farmer you know, is falling asleep mid-conversation, or rubbing sore muscles all the time with a bit of straw in their hair, you’ll know why!  And if you want to be forced into fitness, starting up a farm is an excellent idea!  And now to go and find the A535 muscle cream…

Happy Farming!


The Shepherd


3 thoughts on “Fitbits and Farmers: Who Needs to Work Out?

  1. Heri says:

    Actually you could invite urban peeps to work on the farm. Of course you will need to present it as exercise. Already plenty of them are crazy about cross fit and loving weights here and there. So there you go, free labor and plus of $$$ by charging them for the exercise 🙂


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