Need the Space-Time Continuum Altered? Become a Hobby Farmer.

I know it sounds strange, but if you really want to experience an unreal amount of life packed into an unbelievably short time period, become a hobby farmer.  I am constantly amazed about how much life seems to be packed into a week around here, or even a day.  Let me explain.

I often have friends and family ask, “So what’s new on the farm?” and I have to really think about what the heck happened in the last 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours, and recalling just that is enough to make my head spin.  It seems that the answers are something like this lately:

“Well, last week Pancetta had her piglets, no wait – that’s three days ago…all are fine so far, and that’s been super exciting.  She seems fine, is up walking around and since the weather was so great, the piglets have been running around like crazy… we’ve been checking on them daily of course, and the pigs have been really been loving the all the zucchini from the garden which seemed to explode, oh yeah, we got zucchini suddenly that were  3 feet long so that’s pretty wild, and we hatched up some more turkeys and chicks for someone whose ordered them… and we sold 6 turkeys to someone else who wants to start their own population of Ridley Bronze Turkeys up which is uber cool, and we got the bathroom door installed and a second door in on the main floor…Oh and the Jersey Giant hens have finally started to lay which is awesome… except it’s a bit of an easter egg hunt ’cause they’re laying them everywhere and not in the nesting boxes…uh… and we went to work somewhere in there.  Oh yeah, and I made 6 loaves of double chocolate zucchini bread, ’cause what else can you do with all that zucchini!”.

It’s at this point that the friend or family members raise their eyebrows, stare and blink.  And blink some more.  Don’t get me wrong – this crazy farming lifestyle comes with some conditions.  For example, I have no idea what the hell is on television or what day of the week it is, am exhausted all the time, and I rarely watch any funny viral videos friends post on Facebook.  I’m sure they’re hysterical, but if I want to do it all… something’s got to go.

img_0879And when you’re busy and doing it all, it is seriously amazing what can be accomplished, and what amazing experiences you have.  Pig births, hatching chickens, laughing and admiring your male turkeys strut their stuff with their plumage on display,  all while gaining confidence in your farm skill set (and home renovations in our case), and is incredibly satisfying.  Multi-tasking is the name of the game, if you can of course, but I find myself becoming far more organized because of it all.  And I guess you have to be, since jamming the seeming equivalent of two lives into one requires some thought – and the animals can’t wait.  I often comment that something happened last month, and then suddenly realize that it actually was only last week, since so much happened between then and now.  Explanation?  Clearly space-time was altered!

So if your looking to live a full and crazy existence, and absolutely alter the space-time continuum – without the hassle and peskiness of science fiction devices – give farming a try.  Because hell, nothing is better then stuffing warm double chocolate zucchini loaf into your mouth with one hand, holding baby turkey poults in the other, on the way down to clean the chicken coop!


The Shepherd


2 thoughts on “Need the Space-Time Continuum Altered? Become a Hobby Farmer.

  1. Gwen. says:

    I love this post so much! I can completely identify. It was pouring buckets in NW Washington on Saturday, so I had an “easy” weekend, where I ONLY pressed 4 gallons of apple cider, harvested and processed the remaining sweet corn, prepped and planted a 20×20 ft strawberry bed, installed our window screens, and mowed the lawn. In addition to the “normal daily” chores, such as cooking, cleaning, and feeding and moving the animals. But I still had time to knit socks, so it was a relaxed weekend! I think some people find me a little unrelatable for this reason. It’s so good to hear from others who have experience the farmstead timewarp!

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